Monday, January 24

Only Twelve Hours Late

Should we be surprised?

It all started with the dismal traffic. Rain really does slow the crazy drivers down around here. Then the paperwork Ben was supposed to sign wasn't at the front desk. We waited, signed, and proceeded to the admissions waiting room (sponsored by HEB Pantry - though no food samples seemed to be present) where we waited again... 3.5 hours. Seriously, most people went through in 20 minutes, but it seems that our doctor hadn't signed the admissions orders yet, and his nurse couldn't pin him down. And then to the assigned hospital room (whew!) where it took the more expected couple hours to get Ben prepared (port accessed, more paperwork signed) and it turns out that he's prescribed four hours of hydration before the chemo starts.

The chemo was projected to begin at 9pm, but I left before then, so who knows? :) The 3.5 days of chemo will now keep Ben until Friday midday.

We did have another surprise and this time an extremely pleasant one - two men from our Sunday School class came by to visit in the early evening. They navigated MD Anderson's convoluted hallway system and almost lost their way, but perservered until they found Ben's room. Seeing a couple friendly faces definitely made the day a whole lot better (and I think Ben will remember this visit, since he wasn't on the drugs yet).

Until tomorrow!

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  1. Praying for perseverence for you guys. Sometimes there are no words.

    I love you,


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