Friday, January 21


Fork in the Road has been selling well. Thanks to everyone who has supported us by purchasing a copy. I have to admit that there have been more copies sold than I thought. It's so far the best selling book I have ever worked on!

A big thanks to our friends here in h-town, the Osborne's, who is willing to spend some of his "every-other Friday" off work schedule hanging out with me. We have many similar interests so I don't imagine it'll be taxing, but it means a lot as the days, weeks, months, can roll up into a ball pretty easily and suddenly it's been a long time since you hung out with someone.

We also made it to our small group last night. Not sure how often I'll be able to make it in the future, but it's always good to try to expand my people horizons.

Sunday Lisa and I are going to go out and try a Tapas Bar (that could sound like problems if said wrong...). Try something a little different and fun before we hit the unknown of heavy chemo. Which, by the by, if I haven't mentioned I will be starting on Monday sometime. I have to fill out some paperwork and then they will check me into the hospital. I would assume it would probably be something like two or three hours after I get admitted that the chemo will start. Then then time starts ticking for the eighty-four hours. I think I am going in fairly well prepared... we'll see though. If nothing else I can learn from each experience as to what will help me the next time around.

There are some things I am afraid of: the whole "confusion" and "hallucinations" side effects. But we shall see. I guess I don't need to go borrowing worry about potential side effects I might not have. I appreciate your prayers. Not sure how much I'll be blogging, but the phone will be handy so I will at least be on twitter and facebook updates.

Thanks again everyone, here we are heading into a new fight.



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