Tuesday, January 25

A Walk in the Park

The biggest news of yet is that Ben will actually be here until Sunday. The chemo does indeed end late Thursday, but then the drugs that protect his liver run through Friday, and Saturday his system is flushed out with even more fluids while the Docs keep an eye on his kidney functions. If they're at safe levels later Saturday he'll be released Sunday.

This is standard, and how you make 3.5 days of chemo into 7 days in the hospital!

Ben's feeling pretty good so far. No hallucinations, just a lot of drowsiness and a little nausea (controlled by drugs).

It sounds like his doctor wants him as active as possible - out of bed at least 50% of the day. Ben accomplished this mostly by sitting in a chair, but did make it on a good length walk around "The Park". Most of the lobby/lounge type areas in MD Anderson are themed.

"The Park" is probably the most voluminous sitting area, with three stories of open space above. Skylights, piped in birdsong, lots of fake plants and storefronts on the rooms to the side make it seem almost like an outdoor space. I think if the floor was tiled or concrete that would have completed the look, but alas, it's bluish carpet. When Ben was checked in here with pneumonia I made a point of finding all the themed waiting areas. Actually, I take that back: I have yet to visit "The Star" because it's so distant (ha!). The most disappointing is "The Forum," a slightly glorified hallway. "The Fountain" obviously had the best sound, and "The Sundial" has free snacks. I think my favorite though is "The Tree", because there's lots of natural light and it's in a secondary MD Anderson building which is much more peaceful.


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