Friday, February 18


Hey Team,
Today starts my adventure into out-patient heavy chemo. Not sure what is in store for me in all this, but God knows and I will endeavor to rely on Him to get me through this.

Chemo starts at 4pm this afternoon. Supposedly something like 4 to 6 hours... we shall see.

Prayer items:
Big one: I'd really like to get our house in Colorado sold. It's about 3 extra bills a month, heck it's like owning two homes. It would really free up some of our finances if someone could come along and buy it from us.

Rib pain. Had a serious issue last night that due to my pain required I sleep sitting up. It was a long night and painful.

I'll supposedly get my schedule for the next 6 days later today. We shall see. Thanks for the support. Here we go again!

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