Wednesday, February 16

This would be funny if...

The last few nights I have gotten little sleep, so this morning I was super tired and already feeling a little beat down. My lower right ribs were hurting (probably one of the reasons I haven't been sleeping) and I was pretty sure I was going to be admitted. From the get-go of the day I was ready to go back to bed.

Traffic was horrible and took over an hour to get to the hospital. Once there I got my blood drawn, then we waited the two hours before checking in with my doctor. Then we waited for about an hour to get into a room. The Dr's RN saw my number's and told me: "You're going to be admitted! I'll get the paperwork together, the Dr. will be in in a bit."

Then after 30-40 minutes the Dr. came in and told me he wanted to do the chemo out-patient over the next seven days. We asked some questions and decided that might be a good idea. We shook hands and he left. We waited another 30-40 minutes and the RN came back in and she hadn't talked to the doc yet but we told her what the he had said. She said, "What?" and went and talked to the Pharmacist. She came back and told me that there were too many drugs involved to do an out-patient, so I had to be admitted and the paperwork was all in order, and to go downstairs and check-in.

So shortly after 2pm we headed downstairs and checked in. They told me that my room was almost ready and it just needed to be cleaned, and they would let me know when that was done. Lisa was super tired from working until almost 4am this morning so being as I was going to be in a room soon, she left after waiting about an hour. I waited yet another hour and was told the room was ready (got a room number and a wrist-band) and they were just waiting for the final sign-off from my doctor. I waited another twenty minutes and they told me I had a phone call and handed me the phone. It was the RN and she said they had decided to do my chemo out-patient. They'd call me sometime and I'd probably start on Friday. Then they told me to go home.

Home... right, you mean with my ride who had left almost an hour and a half ago barely awake? I tried to call Lisa and got no response. My phone decided to run out of power just about then, and I was insanely tired and frustrated with the day I had just had, and I didn't want to wait an hour for Lisa to show up, and then another hour to get home (at the height of traffic) so I wandered outside and hailed a cab.

It was pretty expensive, but he got me home in about 30 minutes. Lisa was super surprised to see me at the door. (I didn't have keys on me) Now I am sitting on the couch while dinner is prepared, and looking forward to dessert: a brownie with Blue Bell ice cream on top. I'm not really sure what to do with myself otherwise. I feel like I have been jerked around all day long and I am so tired.

If you were praying for me today, thank you, I can't believe I had the energy to make it home on my own. The out-patient chemo is going to be a little rough I think. Probably four to six hours a day at the hospital for the next seven days. However I will be sleeping in my own bed. I could really use prayer this next week for strength... I'm not sure how this chemo will effect me it's the same dose I had last time just spread over a longer period of time, but it's still toxic stuff. We'll see what the future holds. I know at the moment, I'm really done with today.

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  1. Ben, just read your blog. What a horrible day for you. It's just hard to imagine doctors/hospitals treating patients of any kind, nevermind a really weak, tired, sick patient like you that way. Must have been an awful day for you. We keep praying for you and Lisa.....Tom and Karla

  2. Yikes! Glad you made it through though. How was the cab ride?

  3. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Jon - the cab ride was smooth and fast. However it was loud. The driver was listening to NPR at an increasingly loud volume.

    It was just a little more costly than I would have liked to spend... but I guess it's only once... not something I do everyday or even occasionally.

    Thanks for asking.

  4. Sorry I haven't commented. The whole thought is quite overwhelming to me. Wanting to knock some MDA heads together, but I'm too far away...and it probably wouldn't do much if I was there either.

    God just has to be our refuge.


  5. Lisa Cordodor8:49 PM

    Wow, what a crappy experience. It's infuriating just reading about it, let alone experiencing it when you're already tired and not feeling great. My sister Marcie introduced me to your situation and I have been frequenting your blog here and there ever since. I continue to pray for you whenever I think of you. Hang in there Ben!

  6. I'm thinking that coming up with alternative originating words for the acronym "MDA" might be an exercise your fans would enjoy. I'm guessing that in their world healing people does not involve the soul...and apparently they are doing well at healing people. So, I will pray for your comfort in the middle of the sandpaper treatment. And that you will see miracles that feed your spirit while being pummeled by the MDA "process." I'm reading a fascinating book you might want to check out when your head clears. It's called "The Immortal Cells of Henrietta Lacks". Her cells have most likely been used in the development of your treatment.

  7. Anonymous7:15 AM

    Christine - Heh... very funny.

    About the cells, yeah, I have heard of her. Wired did an article about her as well as other cells that have been used the same way. It's pretty crazy to think about.

  8. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Seems like a ridiculous process to go through - one would think that they would have this system worked out and all the procedures better in line.
    Prayers for you for the coming week especialy.


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