Sunday, April 3

Cheap as...

I am very excited to announce that my sister is making a move on her digital art career and is in need of some help. She's selling a lot of her wonderful artwork at a really discounted rate in order to buy a new drawing tablet, and or computer upgrades.

She also does commissions. She would be a great way to have kids, pets, and or children's books done for you to enjoy and at a very decent price as well. (probably less than a photography session) Anyway, please stop on by her blog and see what you think.

This is also a bit of a selfish request for me as well, because I have written several stories that Beth likes a lot and we are going to turn them into comics. So the better tools she has the better I think the comic should roll out. (it's something I have wanted to do for eight or more years now. Exciting it could be happening.)

Thank you for your continued love and support.

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