Sunday, April 3


Between my carefully "not doing anything" in an attempt to heal and Lisa's "doing everything" in an attempt to keep life going we have been blessed with several meals the past few days from friends in our Sunday school class that have made our lives easier by bringing us a meal, and more often than not, an encouraging word as well.

I've asked Lisa if there are other ways people could help, but at 700sqft our apartment is a pretty quick clean. God has also blessed us with a job that Lisa can do remotely as well as disability for me. So we tend to live simply and God has blessed us with the money to live.

We continue to hope our townhouse in Colorado will sell so we can stop paying for it. We also hope that the medical trial we are aiming for this summer is effective and works beyond the doctor's dreams. We also hope for the continued support of friends and family. As we meet new people down here we want to be open to doing things with them and being social. So the handful of time I have when I am well enough to be social you can probably expect to hear from us.

Thanks Team, your prayers have meant a lot.

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