Saturday, April 2


Lisa and I begrudgingly pulled ourselves out of bed this overcast Houston morning and went to MDA, which is virtually a ghost town on the weekends compared to what it is like during the week. I suffered a semi-competent blood drawer and then we waited in the sarcoma center for an hour and a half to be told my platelets weren't low enough to infuse me, so go home and get them checked again when I am supposed to. That makes something like three extra weekend hours waiting for something I ultimately didn't need to wait for.

I've been working on not doing a whole lot lately. Which might sound kind of funny, but sometimes when I have an ounce of energy I feel like I can do oceans of energy worth of activities. When I do that I often find that I am in bed for many, many more hours than I did the activity. As such I am trying to curb my "hey I feel great!" and thus acting accordingly, to something more like, "hey, I feel great, let's not jump to conclusions about what I can do."

This is hard because I feel like grabbing the bull by the horns, but more often than not in these cases the bull throws me, quite far. So I am trying to learn to grB the rabbit by the ears instead of going for the whole bull. Please pray for me as I trytofigure out how to "pace" my life a little better.

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