Thursday, March 31

To a friend

I will most likely be sending my friend a link to this in an email, but at the current time I am not sure how they would take the things I have to say here, so as I am bursting to say them, I will let you all in so they can be heard:

I felt your panic last night and today as you waited at the children's hospital with your barely several day old child. Ambulance rides, ERs, MRIs, blood draws, and doctor's without answers. I have been there, and I empathize with what you are going through, while not having been in the exact same spot. As you are undoubtedly worry about your daughter's life I have this to offer: God knows. That's not supposed to make it all go away, or somehow be "fine", no, it's designed to remind you to cling firmly to each other during this time, and seek God together. Seek Him for Peace, ask Him why, and pray for your daughter. You have this little girl you are tasked with protecting here on earth, she's fresh and new and already you are worried about issues and problems. Pray for peace and maybe not now, but in a few days take some time to stop, take a breath and look back to now. Remember God's peace, His provision, the family he brought around you, the rest and strength He supplied. It might or might not be a long road through something, but this is the start of a new life and God is calling you out, right away, as parents to seek Him in your little girl's life.

I think that is exciting, and I will be praying that God will help give you what you need to make that happen.

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  1. I particulary like the last sentence of the main paragraph.

  2. You are very right. I wish I had that wisdom going into my life as a parent. God has put something into a mother's heart that is nearly indescribable. It is a fierce passion for the protection of her child. That passion to protect is a small bud at the moment she finds she is with child and grows into full bloom the moment she gazes into her baby's face. But,unlike a flower, it doesn't fade. It remains on through her or her child's life. It does change form, which is very difficult for some mothers to endure, but it remains.

    God has given a mother a special calling as advocate and prayer warrior for the one He has placed in her care. Her relationship with her God will never be the same, because her life has expanded. It is very easy, however, to wrap oneself in the life of the child and forget that God knows what is absolutely best for him or her. Sometimes that which is best is pain. It hurts like nothing else for a mom. And God knows and understands.

    As a young mother, I found great comfort in the last part of Isaiah 40:11. It says that God carries His lambs, His little ones, in His arms and gently leads those who are with young. The Creator of motherhood knows and understands.

    I pray that this time in your friend's life will be an Ebenezer stone of rememberance that Almighty God is very present and working His best.


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