Tuesday, May 17


Wow... here we are almost a week out from chemo and I haven't had to go to the ER at this end of it. Granted last night I was sucking down a lot more pain med than I normally do, but no 5-8 hours in the ER. Typically five days out I am wracked with all sorts of pain, and while it was painful yesterday and last night it wasn't enough to get me to the ER. Thanks to all who have been praying.

Another praise has been the shots I have been getting have been able to happen in Katy which takes maybe an hour and a half total. (drive time included) This instead of the two plus to four hours it can take going downtown. It makes for a much shorter trip. We appreciate it a lot more. I am hoping my next chemo can happen here as well. We're working on getting over some hurdles to make that happen.

Those that visit the website might have noticed a new tab at the top, "Playlist". This is a compilation of songs that have touched me over the past four years of battling cancer. It's a list I have been keeping for a while and have decided to keep it in a more public place. I'll be adding to it from time to time as I find something that I feel like might make the list.

Lisa made it back from New Orleans safely. It sounds like she and her mom had a great time together. Which is also good because Erik and I ended up having a great time here as well. Lisa's trip really couldn't have been possible without Erik's help this past weekend with me. He got to see every single one of the hospitals I go to. He got the whole grand tour. Not many can say they have... not like many have wanted to. My thanks to him for his help and generosity this past weekend as he moved me around to the hospital(s), entertained me, and made me fat. (I'm up five pounds from where I was last week during chemo, and it seems to be sticking.)

This week continues with more shots, and then next week I see more doctors and we see what happens from here.

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  1. I was happy to help, and it was a lot of fun (most of the time) :)

    I knew I'd get you fattened up, all it takes is eating like me for a few days. Shakes, slurpees, piles of meat, it's the ultimate diet plan.


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