Friday, May 13

Where have I been?

Sorry it's been so many days since last I blogged. These last few days of chemo and following are often much harder than I remember them to be. Thus in all the things that need to get done blogging falls by the wayside.

Lisa has gone off to New Orleans this weekend for her AIA conference. Which I think is the full length professional conference she has gone to. Her mom ended up going with her as I was too sick to travel. I hope they are having a good time and I figure that once she gets back you can see pictures and I am sure hear a little something about it here.

In exchange, I have Erik visiting me from Seattle. It ended up working really well timing wise (God thing) so he's here driving me places and making sure I don't die alone in the apartment from starvation while Lisa is out. (so far a very good job too BTW, my weigh in yesterday put me at 127 pounds, which is ten pounds higher than I average... A good chunk of that is probably water weight, which I will loose, but a very good start non-the-less)

Platelets were remarkably high yesterday, a solid showing of 82, which normally is maybe 40 or 60 something on average at this point. We'll see what happens next week, will they rise or will they fall?

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  1. Tune in next week to see which platelets are loyal! In other news Erik makes Ben fat! =D


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