Sunday, May 8

Cat hours

The chemo I have been getting has put on "cat hours". I sleep in the morning, after my chemo, and then around seven or eight at night I start to get tired again. I'm up a few times at night looking for mice, but other than that it's sleep, sleep, sleep. It really nice to be on the other side of the chemo where my body doesn't feel the need to sleep all the time.

Also, another benefit of staying at the hotel next to the hospital this weekend is that Lisa was able to sleep in while I went about the chemo stuff I had to do. (No getting up an hour early and battling traffic to then sitting in some tough chair. Nope, Lisa got to stay in bed.)

Anyway, all that to say that I am tired. I have three days of this left to go, and we shall see what happens. Thanks for your prayers and support! I could use some continued prayers for the usefulness of my sleep. That it is effective and I can rest well when I rest. Thanks!

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