Sunday, May 8


I don't know if people's generosity was to be broadcast, so I will leave it at: We have some generous friends who noticed a need from reading the blog and sough to fill it by providing us with a hotel room for the weekend. Instead of the extra driving Saturday and Sunday we get to crash at the Rotary House across the street from MDA. Which makes the morning commute, so very much easier. (Or in the case of yesterday morning when Lisa woke up with a sizable migraine I was able to walk to my appointment and she was able to stay in bed and recover.)

It has been a blessing, allowing us some extra relaxation time and keeping our commute time down as well. It has always been kind'a hard in our situation when someone says, "Just let us know how we can help!" Some things are sort of obvious like, "Well, meals are going to be tricky this week, could we organize some meals?" Or when we had a bigger place to live in, "Could you come over and help Lisa clean?" But some things are really only things that someone can offer to us. Yes we could ask for an evening or two in a hotel but we aren't sure what the extent of the generosity is.

It's really nice when someone sends me an email, text message, or gives me a call and lets me know they are praying for us in a way they read on the site, or want to do something to help from something they read on the site. I really appreciate it, and while we try and make our needs known, it can be tricky sometimes as we have tried to minimize the needs we have so that we aren't a burden to others, or, quite frankly, a burden to ourselves either.

So, dear reader, that being said, if you should ever find yourself reading this blog and feel like "Ben or Lisa might really benefit from _______" or "they might really like _____" right now. Feel free to ask. We don't think of some things (like this hotel we are in this weekend) sometimes so if God places something on your mind feel free to pursue it! If you ever say to us, "If you need anything don't hesitate to ask!" We will, if we think of something we "need". But sometimes, like this weekend in the Hotel, really isn't something we "need", it's something that makes life easier. And we feel like those need to be offered to us, not asked for.

Thanks Team! You're prayers are praying a difference! We fight on!

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