Tuesday, May 31

Social Eater

I think when it comes to eating that I am a "social eater". Maybe I am too accustomed eating around Lisa so it doesn't work as much, but this weekend we headed up to Dallas to see some friends and I was eating left and right. The first night we were there we went to a steakhouse and I ordered a 12oz steak with blue cheese and butter on top thinking to myself (who had had half a sandwich for lunch and gotten "full") that I would MAYBE eat half of it and take the rest for later. (This was after consuming some bread and a salad) It was not to be however as I consumed 11 of those 12 ounces. I am thinking it must not have been going into my stomach at all, because I didn't even fill full at that point.

So yes, the lack of blogs and tweets from me the past few days has been because we decided to take a bit of a vacation and head up north to visit our friends up in Dallas. This was probably the best all-around weekend I have experienced since January. I didn't end up going to any hospitals, didn't feel sick at any point and I ate a lot. (My weekend with Erik a few weeks ago would have been just as good, except I was at the hospital several times, so it bumped it back to 2nd place) It was nice to get away from apartment for a bit and enjoy the company of friends.

Some of you might have wondered what exactly this was. Well it was a picture of the best pizza I have had since eating at Dominicos in California. It had a lot of the same elements (no pizza butter) and feel as Dominicos Pizza, and added bonus, it wasn't in California. It was really good. We had that last night with our friends.

We got to see a light smattering of some of the things to do in the Dallas - Fort Worth area, and we liked it a lot. I really wish MDA was based there instead of here. Oh well.

Lisa and I appreciate all the continued prayers and support, this week should be fairly hospital free and filled with lots of "recovery" for both of us. Thanks everyone!

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