Wednesday, June 29

Etsy bitty shopping

Leather Affirmations Journal
If you have been around the internet much, or know people on Facebook who tend to be crafty, odds are good you have heard of the collection of small store-fronts by the name of Etsy. Small private sellers get together and sell generally hand-made goods. I know a few folks (friends) who sell things on Etsy.

As I was browsing my friends shops recently I decided to expand my search and see what else Etsy has to offer. In previous browsings we had found some pretty crazy stuff. So I wanted to see if I could find anything humorously strange.

I ended up stumbling upon a store [HawkLeather] that had leather stuff for sale, and that include blank journals. I liked the overall designs of some of the leather journals, but I'm not a big fan of text on the front of my journals unless it happens to be my name. (No "inspirational" quotes for me thank you.) Etsy however foresaw that I didn't want something as part of the craft I was looking at and Etsy provides me with a "custom" link on the side of the store. I hit up the link, told the store owner what I liked in his design and what I didn't like and asked him to modify it a bit. He wrote back and said it was do-able and I paid for the item with customizations and received in the mail, not two weeks later the custom journal. And it is gorgeous. I had a purpose in mind for it mind you. I don't go randomly collecting journals.

I've decided to turn this tough little Journal with a compas rose on it into an "Affirmations Journal" that Lisa and I will leave laying about. If there was something about what you liked about something the other person did that day that you didn't get a chance to comment them on at the time, or didn't say anything then write down the date in the Journal with the thing you wanted to thank, compliment, or affirm the other person on. Then not only have you made a compliment to the other person, but it is also written down in case one might need a bit of lifting up later!

I choose the compas rose design with leather because leather seems so much durable than other forms of book bindings, and the compas rose is kind of a symbol right now of the journey we are on.

Anyway, this is a completely unpaid for advertisement to go check out Etsy and some of the fun/ crazy/ beautiful things they have up there.

[ Prayer request? ]


  1. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Ben, Thanks so much for the great write up on your blog. I tried to log on with my google account to leave a comment but it wouldn't let me. I tried about 10 times and it kept rejecting me. Sorry

    But anyway, we are so glad you like your journal--love to do custom requests--it further proves to our customers that we are true leather artisans and not selling cookie cutter, mass produced, leather items.

    Have a great day and thanks for supporting handmade and Hawk Leather!!!
    Hawk and Bev

  2. For readers that have had the same issues I have with getting the blog to accept my comments via a Google account, I've found that if I hit "Preview," then I will get the page to log onto Google. After logging in, it will then send me back to the place where I can click on "Post Comment." It is a bit challenging and doesn't always seem to work the same way twice, but this way has been most consistent.

    **Okay, that said, I just had to hit "Preview" several times before it would give me the logon page. *sigh*

  3. Yeah, I can't comment from my netbook, but fortunately Safari lets me in. That is a beautiful journal. Very cool.

  4. Thanks for the link, Ben! I feel honored to be on your blog. =) That journal is beautiful - there are so many fun things on Etsy. You could spend hours over there. What a great journaling idea. I just might have to steal that one one of these days.


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