Thursday, June 30

Writing for the Wonky

Hi Ya'll!

Well, Ben is really out of it at this stage, so here I am to tell you about his wonkiness. It's come early this time. Usually it's just the last couple days that Ben is so tired, shaking and confused that he just stays in bed when he's at home, but this time it started last night.

It makes me remember a conversation we had a few weeks ago, where I was talking to Ben about ways to get stronger and feel better. He was torn when it came to wanting to keep getting stronger because he claimed that the better he felt before chemo, the worse chemo was. I thought maybe that was just comparative. Now, I'm thinking he may be right - after this longer break, he's definitely doing worse than normal.

Today we arrived early and actually got into a room 5 minutes after Ben's appointment time - which in MD Anderson time is equal to being an hour early! Other than Ben's ickiness this has been a good week for me. Our small group has been bringing us meals, which is fun and saves me time. Today I was even able to get enough sleep, exercise and memorize a verse - which all felt really good! I've had just enough work to keep me busy, but not enough to cause negative stress.

A little anecdote: yesterday I got a few things at Walgreens, including a bottle of Tums. I remember putting it in the cart and it's clearly written on the receipt. However, it's not in the car, the counter, or the bag. What?? Where did it go? I'm guessing it's behind the counter at Walgreens still ;)

Thank you for your prayers! We hold you in ours.

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  1. So sorry this chemo is so hard. I'm guessing the better Ben feels before, the further he has to fall into the yuckiness, so it's more evident. I am praying for you guys.

    God bless your small group! What a wonderful gift they are to you and Ben!!!


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