Sunday, July 3

Right handed posting

That is to say I have noticed that I make more spelling mistakes while on chemo with words that require the left hand to hit the letters. [gone back and editing the mistakes] I'm sure that has nothing to with the fact that I have an IV stuck in my wrist on the right side. The side effects of the chemo have mainly been confusion this time around. I really don't know how to explain it to you other than to try to imagine thinking only has as fast or half as many thoughts as you are thinking now. It's crazy. Two week I could pun, make connections between things and extrapolate information. [That sentence took some concentration] That is very, very difficult to do now.

People have said that they know I am getting better when they hear me making jokes. I guess that is somewhat true from a physiological point of view as well. [That took a spell check] The toxins clear out and the higher mental processing can begin again. Though quite honestly that takes longer than generally the spell between two chemos.

If would be interesting to compare some writing samples of mine pre, during and post chemo to see if they have changed much. [Un-edited versions at least]

Today will be my last day of chemo and tomorrow will be the end of the bag I've been carrying around this past week. Can't say I'll miss the spontaneous jerking and mental fog. Thank you for your prayers during this chemo, and ask that you would continue to pray for it's effectiveness and my recovery from it would be good as well.

Thanks all.

[ Prayer request? ]

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  1. Not to minimize chemo in any way, but what it does to your brain sounds sort of like what turning 50 did to me (or perimenopause, but we won't go there...).

    Here's to knowing you'll be back to your punny self soon!


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