Thursday, June 9

Gluing my fingers together

I have to say that this morning I learned an important life lesson that I had, up until now, avoided. When using super-glue it is best to avoid the skin. In my case I was trying to stem up a split (up and down) fingernail to prevent it getting any worse and avoiding the skin was almost impossible. (Nail polish didn't work FYI)

I ended up with glued together fingers for all of .5 seconds but somehow (I still don't know how) I ended up with glue on four fingers. The odd part is that the glue is perfect on my thumb nail where the split is, but somehow sloppy and all over the place on three other fingers.

I could draw parallels here between sin and our lives about how easy it is to get into one and very easy to get out of it. (Because honestly this stuff gets all over the place) But I think perhaps the best lesson I've taken away from here is just "Don't use it!"

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Medical Update: Yesterday we did the "wait 3 hours to see the doctor for 10 minutes"routine and came away with that I will probably be getting a biopsy on Monday and then starting chemo on Tuesday. Which means I get another weekend free. Prayer are appreciated for the chemo effectiveness this round!


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