Monday, June 13

Not much of a surprise

Not much of a surprise this week as I start out having no idea when I am doing anything this week. So far, nothing is scheduled. I am supposed to be getting a biopsy (today) and starting chemo (tomorrow) sometime this week.

They also ruled out me getting treatment in Katy as it would be a "too big of liability" to have two different pharmacies mixing up my chemo. Ok. Whatever, they are both MDA hospitals, but if someone thinks my life my be in danger then I can drive a few extra miles and sit for a few extra hours.

The past week or so I have been dealing with a wide variety of headaches. Everything from the "lingers all day as a subtle pain" to yesterday's "wake up with a migraine and no being able to see". I would appreciate prayers on that front.

Thanks again for all the support. Stuff is bound to happen at some time this week and when it does, I'll need prayer for it. Thanks team!

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