Wednesday, August 10

Back to the grind

Well, we are back. I have to admit that two hour plane flights don't feel like much and/or anything when you're used to waiting in hospital rooms for three to six hours.

At the moment I am chilling in the hospital after a blood test waiting to see the doctor while Lisa goes to rescue the bird from the vet and goes to the grocery store.

I can't begin to tell you how great our "vacation" was. Colorado was such a great week, and while it was kind of a vacation, it was really just work. I realized that in the two years since I started treatment for this bout of cancer that this was probably the longest I have spent in the office. And let me tell you, if was WONDERFUL! I miss the job so much, I miss the people, and I miss all the potential that the job provides for me, for the company, and for the people I interact with.

It was really a blessing the Lord gave to Lisa and I. A great time to connect with people, with our employers/employees, and some great weather. It was really hard to come back to Houston... Especially facing another week of chemo and/or shots to get ready for chemo. But we came basck, and I think we'll be staying here for a while. However, we also want to try and work with my treatments to travel to Seattle and Colorado Springs more often.

Thanks team. I'll detail more on starting chemo or not later.

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