Monday, October 10

Queue the waiting game

Tomorrow morning I have another PET scan. Much like the last one I have no idea what to expect. I could try and guess, like I did last time, but I'd probably be wrong... again. I see the doctor on Wednesday, and then supposedly starting chemo on Thursday. It kind of makes things sticky because we're moving on the 22nd and at the rate we're going now (my platelets might not even be high enough to start) I might end up doing chemo the week we are moving. Between packing and me Lisa is going to need some huge prayers to get through this in one peice. If you are in the Houston area and are free the week leading up to the 22nd and have some time to lend helping us pack I'm pretty sure we wouldn't say no.

On another topic we just got back from a week and a half in/on Galveston Island. When we sold our townhouse in Colorado I thought it would be kind of fun to celebrate Lisa's birthday by renting a place to stay and then inviting all of our siblings (eight of us total) to join us for the week. Or whatever part of the week they could make. If you have access to Facebook you can take a look at the pictures by going to my profile: between my brother and Lisa's youngest sister there were a lot of pictures taken. We all had a great time, and despite being rageingly sick in the middle of it for three days (I got to see the UTMB ER in Gaveston...) it was probably one of the top three vacations I have had in the past six years. We made some good food, hung out and talked with each other, played in the ocean (water temp was like 75 to 84), explored the city, had a YouTube party, played some board games, and generally enjoyed life together. Coming back to my "real life" (sometimes refered to as a nightmare) hasn't really been that exciting, or something I was even wanting to do.

We hope to see everyone again in December in Seattle... But I have no idea what my doctor is going to do with medication, chemo, etc.

I'd appreciate some prayer for the next few days as I spend a lot of time at MDA. Lisa and I will probably be spending a lot of time there the next few weeks and we'll also be trying to move at the same time. Thanks team.



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