Thursday, November 24

No thanks, we're full

Well, we don't exactly have "Thanksgiving Plans" this year. However, three weekends ago we cooked an enormous Faux Thanksgiving Dinner (which we shared with some Romanian friends who told us that, where they come from, Christians go caroling through the icy streets all night, for three nights, around Christmas. New Year's celebrations also involve three nights of little sleep. Yes, Americans are soft.) We ate lots of leftovers that week.

And two weekends ago, our socially proactive Sunday School class had their annual "Thanksgiving Potluck," in which we all bring our favorite Thanksgiving sides and the host provides the turkey. Delicious and quite interesting, though with all unorganized potlucks the ratio of dessert:meal was a bit high. Our cheesecake certainly didn't help... but we didn't mind too much when we had to bring a good deal back home.

So we're feeling replete with turkey (and cheesecake) and besides, Ben has chemo today and tomorrow. If he feels up to it we might go to our favorite Tex-Mex place tonight.

A couple of facts: I worked the last three Saturdays, and between Monday the 14th-Tuesday the 22nd I racked up 85 hours. But yesterday the project deadline was met and now I'm ready for a break. Well, a break from work at least, not from being productive. Oh no. I have an extensive list of the following:

Things That Got Put Off When We Moved,
Things That Didn't Get Put Away After We Moved,
Things That (Literally or Figuratively) Piled Up While I Previously Worked on the First Two Items
and EVEN Things That I Could Do Now so I Won't Have to Put Them Off Later.

Hopefully at the end of the weekend our affairs in Houston will be tidy and I can cheerfully exclaim "Bring it, December!"

Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for our new apartment and for the Thirty-Three Riches of Divine Grace. If you are looking for both spiritual challenge and encouragement, check out "The Moment I Believe" sermon series from our church in Colorado, from September 2010-August 2011. So far my favorites are "God Forgave Me Forever" and "God Removed All His Anger From Me."


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