Saturday, November 26


Thanks Through The Fog: As you will see Lisa wrote up a post to fill in some of the gaps while the chemo fog was most heavily. It seems to surprise me each and every time how heavy that stuff hits. I feel like I am getting better at clearing it away before the next round these days, but the amount to which everything BUT what I am dealing with right in front of me, right now, surprises me. Or perhaps it is the amount of side information I start waking up to AFTER the fog that is more informative than before.

Either way, I wanted to let you know I finished up my eighth round of chemo (which means 53 days total this year of Iphosphamide), which should be it for 2011. I am seeing my doctor next week, before we go off to cooler climates for holiday purposes, and word on the street is that he's actually planning a restage in January. We'll take a little break and see family and friends for the holiday and try to eat all sorts of wonderful food. (We're working on scheduling those now)

I wanted to send out a thanks to everyone who responded to our "Dropped" and "How you can help" email. We still need help, and I will be working to provide you all with a more accurate tally after we change months. (The finance crew at OC is a busy, busy group)

I wanted to extend a very large thank you to Texas this year. (Everyone here in the state of) It's been a HUGE difference in our lives to move here and we had never, ever, planned on even VISITING the state of Texas, much less living in it, and here we are. We can't thank you all enough for the hospitality, the meals, the compassion, the laughter, the friendship, the shoulder to lean on, and the prayers that have helped get us through our first full year here. We never thought we'd be here, but God has blessed us because we came, mainly through all of you (translation: all ya'all) people. We might complain about Houston sometimes, or make fun of it, but I think we're dangerously close to feeling like we have a "home" here.

Thanks friends and family, we hope to see you all real soon! (Wether here or there!)

P.s. I hate sleeping in button up shirts. (Chemo related problem)

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