Tuesday, January 3


I mentioned last month that I would be hitting some big milestones this year in my life and I wanted to take a moment and share some of those events with you:

First off, this year I am turning thirty. I can somewhat remember when my parents turned thirty. Guess I'm getting "old". Goodbye twenties I can't say as you have been all that amazing. The first half wasn't horrible, and there were good times, same goes with the second half, but really, perhaps the thirty's will be less medical than the twenties. I feel like, and perhaps I am wrong, that there is a change in the wind when it comes to medical stuff. Either it not being as drastic as it has been in the past, or I can deal with it better, or a difference in drugs... something is going to change. The top of this year though I feel better and more hopeful than I did at the start of last year. Overall though I am imagining that I'll need to figure out the intersection of treatments and life a little more than I had in years past.

Speaking of half the twenties, in May of this year I'll have reached the five year mark for having cancer. Back in May 2007 when they told me what I had they told me I had a seventeen percent chance of living five years. Well, in further proof that numbers mean nothing, and that we don't live by averages, God has blessed me with five years beyond my diagnosis. I'm still fighting, but I've made it beyond the original "good luck getting that far" diagnosis of the first doctor.

Also for the past five years I have been documenting a lot of what has been going on with me here on the blog... but it started five years before that! In February this year the blog turns ten! I've chronicled, more or less, one third of my life here on this blog. And it's all available, and free, to read, comment on, and follow along with. Thanks team for following along and the support you've given me! (And as for the comments about writing a book... I'm not entirely sure where to start, or what it'd be about. I'm open to ideas.)

On top of all those fantastic things, the love of my life, my tow-truck, buttercup, nursemaid, caretaker, shhh'er, driver, cook, friend, comedian, thinker, architect, my wife, also turns thirty this year. Without her help getting me this far, well, I wouldn't have gotten this far. I know when we said our vows seven years ago this year she didn't expect to be spending five of those years caring for a sick husband, but she has done a remarkable job, and I don't think you'd be reading this now if God hadn't put her in my life.

I share all of this because despite all the moving and medical issues God has brought us through it all together. Not just together, but picking up support from friends like you along the way. God is the glue holding my life together, and He's brought all of you into contact with me for some reason or another. I really have no idea what this next year might hold, or how many years I might have left, but all thanks to God for getting me this far!

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