Wednesday, January 11

The Trend Continues

I think perhaps I have become just a little bit jaded when it comes to news from my oncologist. I'm the type of person who when faced with potential bad news run the worst case scenarios through my head so I'm not "surprised" when I get the news. I've gotten better about it as this cancer stuff has gone on (Not doing it, not getting better at doing it...) and even though the past few times I have gotten PET scans the news has been good (stable, with lessening metabolic activity) I can't help but think that that trend won't continue. It's a good thing what I am thinking and what my tumors are doing aren't the same thing, because this afternoon I was informed that the trend is in fact continuing and the metabolism of my tumors has gone down again. The place they have been using as a reference point was at a 7.8 the first time the metabolic rate was down, then the time before last it was 5.6, now it's at 4.6. (On a scale of 0 to 22)

God has really been answering those prayers team! Please continue to pray for increased tumor death, and don't forget to thank God for what He is doing.

An interesting note: before we left my doctor was implanting my tumor in some rats so that he could do some tests. Turns out (I don't know if he knew this before or just found it out) that my tumors won't grow in animals. Their bodies reject the tumors. Thus no animal testing for my type of cancer.

Thanks again for the continued support and prayers!

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