Wednesday, January 11


Fun fact: When you don't post blog entries for more than five days your site traffic starts to dwindle.

But seriously, it's been a busy past week and I haven't had much time for much more than the quick comment via Google+, which of course trickles down to all the other social media platforms.

Yesterday I had the normal run of medical scans and today I have a followup with my doctor. (supposedly in an hour and half... but it'll be at least an hour after that...)

The past five days saw us wrapping up our time in Seattle and heading home, and then getting things around the house in order as I prepare for another week of chemo.

I'll be posting some more pictures of our Seattle trip, but overall I wanted to say that it was a fantastic month that we had with family and friends. A week or two just isn't enough time to see everyone, and God blessed us with fairly good health the whole time we were there and we were able to enjoy the company of some people we haven't seen in a long time.

We decided it was probably the best holiday season we have had perhaps in our married life. Our big thanks to everyone who made that possible.

Thanks team, I'll update this afternoon after I meet with the doctor on what's going on cancer wise.

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