Monday, January 16

The (Weekend) Chemo Update

Hey Folks,
I really dislike chemo. I was feeling great five days ago, now I feel horrible. I spent all that time trying to feel better and this is what I get in repayment? All kidding aside, these rounds have been going ok. Nothing horrible to write in about, but also nothing really fantastic. Loss of brain power, ability to type, hooked to a pump for eight days. The usual.

Unusually though, we got out of bed this morning to find our water pressure gone to non-existent. It appears that in their excitement to do road work in such fine weather we are having currently here in Houston (slightly overcast and in the low 70's, seriously, it's really nice out there.) that someone forgot where to mark where the water line was. So while they resume work we'll be waiting for four to six hours it takes to shore up/replace/fix a bull-dozed water line. This really only is a problem for Lisa as she will be home today while I am at the hospital. (Though I suppose she could always change her mind...)

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