Sunday, January 22

Like the waves

Hey Team,
Sorry it's been so long. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and even today I am still dealing with a migraine that slipped in behind me as I was finishing up chemo and I am still dealing with residue making the inside of my skull feel like jello. (Not, I am sure, helped by the after-effects of chemo leaving the body either.)

We're setting back into life here in Houston after our little month long adventure into the Northwest. One of the things I have been really thinking about for this year is about how I am going to do the things I would like to do during those times when chemo isn't squeezing the life from me. For the time being I have come to the conclusion that letting myself rest when I am not in a position to be working, and then to go absolutely full steam the two or three weeks I might have to feel well. Really dive in and tackle projects, put in long hours when I can, and then just relax and be calm maybe some some little compiling things here or there when I am "down".

In other news yesterday Lisa went for a bike ride and I staid home, and when she got back I helped facilitate this recipe: Cauliflower Crust pizza. Let me say, it's nothing like pizza crust. Was it good? Yes. Did it lack any form of bread? Also yes. We put sautéed onions, mushrooms, sausage and peppers on the one we ended up making. I'm not really sure what to think... it could have been both better and much worse. But I'm not entirely sure I want to put the time into doing it again to "perfect" it. As a fan of bread there really isn't any incentive for me to perfect a crust made entirely from cauliflower.

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