Monday, February 27

Not a whole lot

Here I am five days into my 10th round of high dose IFX and things haven't been going to poorly. The normal brain fog/ IQ drop and high levels of fatigue have all shown up. Currently I am just kind of hanging out and sleeping. My chemo has been running between 5 and 10pm this time around. Not a big fan of the nighttime chemo, but oh well.

I've got a PET scan on the schedule for the endish of March. Check out how those bad boys are doing in there.

In other news Lisa cut her hair and is now sporting bangs. I don't think she has changed her FB profile picture to match, so if you happen to see her don't be too shocked. (Someone on Sunday said they didn't recognize her...)

This round of chemo I've had two people come and hang out with me while I get my chemo. I don't know that I would want someone with me ALL the times I have gotten chemo (it was close with Lisa), sometimes it's just plain boring and the only thing to do is watch TV and it's not really all that great for conversation sometimes. But with doing chemo so much closer to where we live it allows Lisa to work and for me to have a more solo chemo experience. I enjoy some solitude now and again, but I do miss seeing people. Which is the general point of this paragraph is that I've had two people who have come to visit me and it's been nice to hang out and chat a bit and/or see people who I don't typically get to see out of a church setting.

So put that down in your "ways to help folks on chemo" notebook. Sometimes braving the corridors of the hospital to hang out with the cancer patient means a whole lot. (Just make sure you are healthy and they want you there...)

I'm going back to my semi-dozed existence now.

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