Wednesday, March 7

A little bumpy

People have been asking, and I realized it's been a bit since I blogged, so I thought I would say something, about how my health has been doing.

This recovery seems to be a touch more rocky than the past few times have been. Several times this past weekend the contents of my stomach graced the bowl of the toilet. It's been a while since I actually threw up. It's been since October at least. Then the general bone pain has been slow in going away as well. Not like my recovery has been BAD or super hard per-se, it's just been rougher than it has been the past few times around. Better than half of last year easily.

Funding wise we have learned that we can save OC a bit of money if we take Lisa off my healthcare plan so it's no longer a "family" plan but an "individual" plan. Due to the saving that creates it should save OC a bit more. I think between insurance costs and out of pocket costs that Lisa and I pay outside of OC costs we are pretty well covered. Thank you everyone for your help with that. We're not anywhere near where covering the gap I helped create (86k) but you have generously all helped to cover my costs.

As a balance I am trying to help find ways to save OC more money here and there in processes or bring in money from other sources by helping to train some of our field staff on how to use social networking better to communicate with their supporters. (I like to think I do a pretty good job of that... and have some experience in that field...)

We've wrapped up our taxes for this year as well. Our accountant told us that it was a good thing that we had an accountant because between Lisa being self employed and my somewhat tricky (working and disability) situation the taxes would have been a real headache. (Which is why we pay him...) We ended up paying more than we thought would have to, however we don't have the government withhold anything and keep a chunk of every paycheck we make, so compared to what we saved this year we got a rather sizable "return". ("Return" being money that we don't owe the government...) So, all those medical payments go towards something.

I wanted to mention that I see a very noticeable difference when I ask you to pray for me for my dreams when I am coming off of chemo. It makes a very noticeable difference as far as I can tell, as in one night I have them and the next night, and proceeding week after I ask you all for support, I don't. Thank you. God is working through your prayers and I wanted to share with you that while we are seeing the long-term effects I can also see some short-term "quick" things as well.

Thanks everyone.

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