Saturday, March 3

Yesterday's Setbacks

Yesterday I was pretty down because of the 6ish hours I spent awake and feeling pretty horrible, and then sleeping through most of the day on top of that. I went to bed pretty depressed and sad.

And then I woke up this morning, and while I didn't feel great, I was alive, I made myself some breakfast and thought about the things I wanted to do in the future, and the fact that I might get to do some of them and that truly, despite the setbacks of yesterday and five years of cancer, that I am blessed. Blessed with friends and family like you who take a step out and help me raise funds to help support my health care and the company I work for. I have friends and family that also care about what is going on in my life and follow along with the thing I write. To the tune of over 70,000 times in the past three years!

New friends, and old friends alike, I couldn't survive things like this without you. Please remember that dear readers, your friendship means a LOT more to people than making sure your house and/or yard looks nice! I will cherish the times people have come to give me hope, I'll almost never (with a few exceptions) remember what their yards looked like.

Thanks everyone, and thanks to God for giving me what I needed.

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