Friday, March 2

Sleeping Something

Yesterday evening I got a pretty seriously headache and ended up going to bed early. Lisa joined me in bed around 3am and after a few patchy starts (bad dreams) I sifted into a nice sleep only to be awoken at around 6 something as my hands grasped the bowl I keep at the side of my bed and brought up what I had eaten that evening. Strange, I haven't done that since maybe July of last year. Then a few hours later again. I took some more meds and was awoken at noon by Lisa asking me if I wanted to eat anything. I had something light, and watched a documentary, and then was feeling tired so I went back to bed. Where I slept until 7:30pm. Lisa came in a few minutes after I had woken up and said she had tried getting me up a few times in the past couple hours.

I don't feel bad at the moment, but I don't think I have slept like that in a very long time. Kind of strange harkening back to the way things were last year. A reminder. Please keep praying for my recovery though. Strange as the symptoms may be.

Thanks team. (Financial update coming soon too BTW)

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