Sunday, April 8

Chemo Day 2

Finished up chemo day 2 yesterday (this is what... round 11? 12?). The meds I take for my anti-nausea continue to work their magic... however the "downside" to these pills is the increased appetite. I could be eating four or five meals a day under this stuff. As it is I lay in the hospital bed thinking of things like Pappacitos, Longhorn Steak House, Five Guys burgers and fries, etc etc. I have been told though (in my medically induced hungry state) that red meat (irons and proteins) helps give the neurotoxins from the IFX something to bond to and keeps the head more clear. I have heard this from several people and both of them medical staff. Not sure how valid that is (IE: I didn't read it on the internet... though THEY might have I guess...) but it kind of explains the Carne Asada, New York Strip Steak, and Five Guys Burger craving.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support and my friends and family. It looks like we might be able to make a trip up to Colorado before my next round to work in our respective offices. We just need to work out times and details. This would be a huge blessing to both of us though as it's been eight months since we were there last, and we felt that it was a good time, and that it reminded us of why we are where we are today and some hopes for the future.

Thanks again team.

P.s. Happy Blessed Easter! He is risen and without that fact my faith would be worthless.

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