Monday, May 21

Day 5 of Not Chemo

Well, here I am, day five in my "not on chemo" regime. I cannot even begin to tell you how good I am feeling at the moment. I've been so used to being clobbered every four to six weeks for the past almost three years that my baseline energy levels must have been pretty low. But then the body adapts to that and while I feel tired, sick and sore a good amount of the time it's just how life is. As I am approaching my eighth week off chemo my energy level seems to be growing at a very steep curve. It seems "funny" to me that my body fell into such a pattern so that when I get out of the pattern... even for as little as a week, I feel like I have super-powers. (Aside: despite all the chemo and radiation I do not think that I have super-powers.)

At the start of this year Lisa and I were asking ourselves, "What's next?" I was tolerating the chemo a lot better and was finding myself with more free time. Now I am finding myself with even MORE free time. Lisa and I were wondering last night where the line might be for moving back to Colorado Springs. We moved here to be available for drug trials... and that hasn't really happened since the first one, and frankly I am not overly excited about that idea again. We've been asking ourselves, when do we make the call and move back? If I was given a "we don't want to see you for another six months" that would be a pretty obvious answer... though with the 2 months, 2 months, 2 months... it seems like we're always just on the cusp of something else medically... what do you think? Any ideas? (Houstonians: Never move! Coloradians: Move now! Seattleites: Move back to Seattle instead! Californians: Don't move here!)

We'll keep you updated as things progress... we might be pre-maturely asking these questions anyway. God knows, however, which is nice, because I don't want to balance that right now. Thanks for the continued prayers and support!

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