Saturday, May 19


As I am half way through the seventh week of being chemo free I find myself heading in the opposite direction of the way I normally go at this point in time. What I mean is that at this point I am typically getting chemo and my energy levels tank and I am sleeping more, eating more, and generally feeling icky. At the moment however I am feel really good, I've been making an effort not to eat as much (the scale was a little intimidating the other day...) and my energy level is pretty good. I spent a good three hours visiting five different stores in the area looking at BBQ/ grills with a friend this afternoon and it was after not eating hardly anything for lunch (accident) and during the normal time that I would be taking a nap. I'm home now and I unloaded the dishwasher and am typing a blog entry. Really a lot more energy than I would normally have had.

On another medical front I am not entirely sure what I think about the fact that I supposedly have pneumonia. I really don't feel like I do. I am thinking that perhaps on Monday I'll give my doctor a call and have them re-xray my chest to double check. I figure at that point it will either be worse, or possibly a mis-diagnosis. As my doctor(s) couldn't see anything but the radiologist claimed it was there I think I'd like another crack at it (with a different radiologist). Also if it IS getting worse I'd like to make sure it's dealt with before it's REALLY worse. I am taking drugs now... or at least trying to take drugs... those pills are huge.

Thanks for the continued prayers and support as I enter this time of "spare time" and energy. (You all generally refer to it as "being healthy". Maybe I'll give it a try...)

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