Wednesday, May 16

That was unexpected

Today I was told by my doctor that my platelets are too low to start chemo. (low 70s) Because of this they are going to try a new "experiment" on me. They are giving me an extra MONTH off. Then next month they are going to do a PET scan and if my tumors haven't started growing again, then I am going to get TWO MONTHS off. Then they will scan again to see if they are growing and if they are then they want to try a new treatment (see below) and if it's not growing, then I get another two months off.

The new treatment is based off of a finding just recently that there is a protien in my tumors that is also in prostate cancer. (Which is a highly documented disease) They are going to try some things that work on prostate cancer on me and see what happens. (When the tumors start to grow back.) If that doesn't work then they would probably go back to what I am on now.

Overall some very exciting news... I feel like a caged animal who has been set free for the first time and I am looking around wondering what I am going to do next. Thanks for the prayers and support, this is some fantastic five year news!

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