Wednesday, May 23

Strangers, Aliens, Friends

Cancer has taken us to some strange places. (Both physically and mentally) Places we never thought we would venture to, visit, or even dare to explore. Because of these travels we have made friends and people have called us friends beyond anything we could have imagined for ourselves. It's not something we realized we needed when we were first set upon this path five years ago, but honestly I can't even begin to fathom what this journey would have looked like without the friends we have had to keep us company, lighten our spirits, and guide us on this rocky path.

At the same time with my chosen vocation I have seen my fair share of people I would like to see more of, go somewhere else because that is where their journey was taking them. Like our friends and family in Seattle didn't want to see us go we were following something we wanted to do, and something that we felt God was opening up before us. Then as we were in Colorado Springs we made friends, and then watched them go other places in the world. Then it was time for us to pursue the death of my tumors so we too left. Leaving behind people who continue to pray and support us and look forward to our return. We were welcomed to Houston by people we didn't know. We were strangers, aliens to this world and culture, but they soon became friends.

Now, as God has given me this much life I seek to make it easier for people to go from being strangers in a place to friends. This is kind of two sided.

On one side I really want to get to know people. To really dive in and make a connection. At the same time I am afraid of getting too close because they might leave to go somewhere else, or (as is a very real possibility with helping people with the cancer I have) they might not be around in a few years.

In Colorado Springs I felt like we were at a hub of activity. People always coming in and going out and moving around. It was hard not to be a little bit envious of those people who would drop in with stories of far off places and countries and what God was doing there, and then they'd be off again.

I guess what I am saying is that I think this is a sign that you are growing in Christ and a maturing Christian. Are things changing? Do you have people in your life who are helping you grow and then moving on and encouraging you to help other people grow? We aren't plants. We don't grow on our own and then fade and die alone. At least that's not how it's supposed to work.

Not really where I wanted to go when I started this blog entry... but here we are. Life lessons from Ben.

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