Wednesday, May 30

Slowly, slowly...

I think it was with a fair amount of wisdom that my medical staff gave me these three weeks off. As I have been sucking down the antibiotics to kill the germs in my lungs my recovery from the chemo I last had (running up on eight weeks ago now) has been a bit slower. My facial hair has been a kind of meter to me on my recovery and I am still fairly hairless on places on my face that are normally fuzzy by now.

My ankle has returned to giving me problems as well. I have an appointment with a physical therapist tomorrow morning. I also have a scheduled crown for my post-root canal tooth in a few weeks as well.

I have a PET scan next week, and I'm seeing the doctor on Wednesday next week and we'll see if I get another two months off, or if it's back to some kind of chemo. (I am praying for two months off so we can make our trip to Colorado!)

Not a whole lot going this week. Quiet, kind of a recovery time. I appreciate prayers for recovery, healing, and wisdom for the doctors.

Thanks for everything!

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