Friday, June 1

This shouldn't hurt

"Ok, I lied." The title and the quote from the physical therapist I saw yesterday. She was really great and she was able to diagnose the problem and setup some solutions to get it fixed. (And told me what I was doing that would probably be aggravating the problem.) I have four follow-up visits setup to continue to work on my foot and make sure it doesn't heal improperly.

Yesterday also marked the last day of the antibiotics I was taking. Which is kind of nice because since my last round of chemo I have taken four rounds of antibiotics. Little wonder my body is still a little messed up.

Some of you will remember at the top of the year I got my sister to make me a painting that I turned into a thank you card. (That you can buy as a poster) She's made some choices about her future that are kind of exciting. If you care to follow her adventures you can. Of course this means a setback for some things I had hoped to do, but, thankfully it's not all about me.

This weekend doesn't seem like it'll be too noisy. There's an AIA (architecture group) that Lisa is a part of that is having a sand-castle competition in Galveston on Saturday and I think we are going to head down there and see what architects can do with sand... (that hasn't been mixed with concrete)

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