Friday, June 8


I have come down with a cold... but of all the things that I COULD have come down with, or gotten after getting off chemo this seems fairly mild. (Root canals, gallbladder surgeries, shingles, pneumonia, etc all come to mind as things that have happened to me on "breaks" from chemo. So while not great, a cold most likely won't send me to the ER.)

I wanted to relate something that I felt like spoke volumes about what God has been doing through my life. On Wednesday when I eventually saw my doctor (only an hour and some change this time around) he came in and explained that the tumors were still shrinking despite being off chemo for nine weeks. He proceeded to explain again (to us) and for the first time to his fellow what he had done with the protein study of the tumors of the DSRCT patients he had. At the end of the time he reiterated that he was really quite, what was it? "Pleasantly surprised" by the progress my tumors had been making. This is a guy who spends all day dealing with cancer patients and is considered an expert in his field for my type of cancer. They had setup an appointment to start more chemo the next day already, so the feeling I was getting was that the expectation was that the tumors would have stopped shrinking and would have started to grow. He was expecting this and he was prepared for the next step.

INSTEAD, God has worked in my body and continues to shrink those tumors. Be it though the medical treatments I have gotten for the past year and a half, or through methods of His own, He has brought me safe thus far, and now I am getting three months off.

I was explaining to my small group last night that I feel like a dog who has just been let off his chain for the first time in a few years. Can I run and go explore other places? Is that ok?

I am happy about the news... but at the same time I want to convey to you that THIS reaction needs to be the same no matter if I get three months off now, three months off later, or it comes storming back with a force. God's will for my life is the important thing. If he wants me to be well enough to do what I feel like he has called me to do with my health (whatever level that is at) then I need to do it. Three months off doesn't change anything. These tumors are still like bombs in my body, at this point I just get a bit of a "summer break" to make it happen. It's exciting, but we also don't want to loose site of the greatness of God in this.

Thank YOU team for your prayers and support, please don't forget to thank Him for watching over us this far, and please continue to pray for that. For amazed doctors, for us to know what to do with the time we are given.

Thank you God.

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