Wednesday, June 6

Diminishing returns

 After a day of being somewhat stressed out and nervous about seeing the doctor, and then waiting to see him an hour past my appointment, he finally came in and told Lisa and I that the tumors are continuing to shrink, even though I haven't been on chemo now for about nine weeks.

He went back and fourth and finally settled on three months off from treatment. That said Lisa and I will be taking some of that time to head to Colorado Springs, and then to Seattle for a month or month and a half. If nothing else escaping Houston for large chunks of the summer sound pretty good to both of us.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. As we will be traveling this summer keep an eye out for where we'll be and you might be able to see us sometime this summer!

At the moment I am tired, so I think this will hit me tomorrow. At the moment I am glad, but I also have a headache. Thank you all so much for the support. It means a lot to me that there are lots and lots of you out there who care what happens to me.

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