Sunday, August 12

Examples in Godly provision

It's "funny" how I tend to learn lessons from other people more than I do from my own life. Learning from things that have happened in my own life is something that I have really only picked up a "knack" for in the past few years. The biggest impact on me though is always what happens to other people.

A few weeks ago when we were back in Seattle my parents were talking to their (and our) real estate agent and she was talking about how the market was really strong right now for this type of house in this area. My parents were surprised at the number she suggested they start at. At that point I headed somewhere else to do something else but as I was going I asked God to really bless them and I prayed for a specific number, close to fifteen percent higher than the price they had been surprised about.

Today, after being on the market for the weekend, and getting eight offers to buy the house they sold it for exactly the number I asked God to bless them with. Was it my asking God to bless them? Was it God prompting me to ask for something that I considered to be kind of radical? Is it God trying to tell me something? Yes, yes, and Yes. God works in many, many faceted ways and trying to nail down one "reason" is a pretty silly human thing. Are my parent's blessed? Yes. Am I amazed at God's provision? (Again and again?) Yes.

This lesson comes at a time when we are facing yet another move (eight in seven years... if anyone is keeping track...) and trying to figure out where God wants us to be. Do we stay in Houston? Do we step away from the tight cluster of advanced medicine that is MDA and move back to Colorado?

Thank you for your prayers for me these past few weeks, months, and years... I am hopeful (ever hopeful) that God will provide for Lisa and I beyond what we even imagined possible. Healing? Life with cancer? Housing? Friends? Family?

Thank you God. I can't say much more than that right now. For reminders, and blessings.

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