Saturday, August 11

Tin Roofs

Good news, despite the slightly rocky trip from SEA to DEN via airplane I did fairly well on the trip. We landed safely and the "skill" of sitting around and waiting for something (EX: Doctors) comes in handy when trying to get through a flight. Thank you for your prayers and support.

In other news Lisa and I were talking to a few folks last night and suddenly realized that we need to sign a renewed lease contract with our apartment company THIS WEEK, to avoid going "month to month". (an almost 500 dollar a month increase)

We realized when we thought about it that we have more than a few options to par-down here:
  1. We could sign the lease contract for another 12 months and just pay to live there for another year, even if we aren't there. (Cheapest lease wise)
  2. We could sign a six month (a few hundred more a month) and then see where we are at in six months.
  3. We could sign any number of lease months, and plan on breaking it later in the year if we decide to move.
  4. We could leave Houston and move back to Colorado Springs.
  5. We could live part time in either place, which is going to require a cheaper solution in Houston as paying almost double as we have ever paid in mortgage for rent (now, before any increase) is rather painful. 
  6. The wildcard option: we get an RV and live out of that and move where-ever we feel like, when we feel like it. (Seattle, Colorado, Houston, Dallas, LA, Bend, Vermont in the fall... ???)
The debate here for me is two-fold: Even if I proceed to get chemo (I am assuming I will, but if God chooses to bless me with complete healing (no argument from me) the tables will change a bit... and part of me wonders if my healing might actually depend on branching out and being where God wants me to be!?) the stuff I have been getting the last 16 (19) months has been stuff I could get almost anywhere. And the stuff they are talking about giving me is a kind they could give me anywhere as well. I don't need to be in Houston for some specialized treatment... because frankly I'm not getting any specialized treatment. The other part of it is that the cost of living either between two places, or in Houston alone (in our current situation), is expensive. God has blessed us with the ability to do this right now, but I don't really know how sustainable spending the kind of money we are spending JUST for lodging actually is. Besides saving that money for a future rainy day, there are lots of other things I would be doing with 500-1000 dollars a month.

That all said, we have a lot of thinking and praying to do this week before we sign a lease agreement. Could you help us by praying along with us? We REALLY want to be where God wants us to be, and we're pretty open to that, but being here in Colorado just makes us want to be back here REALLY badly.

Thanks everyone!

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