Sunday, August 5

Goings on in SEA town

I have had a combination the past few days between being in a place with no internet, and then being crazy busy the past few days, and will continue the trend for a few more days. Time here in Seattle has been really good. Both relaxing, stretching, and tiring.

Heads up, I know this is a little late to the game, but I will be speaking tomorrow at Crossroads Bible Church in the Kaleo class second hour. If anyone is interested in hearing some of what I talked about last time live. I'll attempt to record it again so that you can hear a refined/ second take on it. Expect to see it up on Sound-Cloud in the next few days. Hopefully less umms and aaa's.

To catch up a bit, on Wednesday night we went up to Whidbey Island and relaxed for a day or so. (Aside: the picture in the upper left looks a LOT like the picture my sister painted for me. I found this tree/cliff combo on the island.) Friday we had Lunch with some missionary friends who are headed to Africa for a month or so leading a mission trip. Then my mom's birthday Friday night. Today we went to the Olympic Peninsula and bummed around, spent some time at my favorite place in the world, Crescent Lake, and then dinner in Port Townsend.

Tomorrow I speak both hours at church (one short and one long) and then lunch with some friends who are wrapping up dealing with cancer, and then dinner with some old friends. Monday something is "going down" to celebrate Lisa's, mine, and my brother-in-law's 30th birthday. We're low on the details, but our siblings are throwing it, so... crazy? (Open Bar? Open Juice-Bar? (Is that a thing? Maybe?))

I could use some prayer for my talk tomorrow and strength to make it through the weekend. My dad could also use some prayer as he has been crazy sick the past few days and they are trying to get their house ready to sell this next week.

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