Monday, August 27

Three up, one down

Some of you will have noticed a lack of comments about transitioning from one state to another. Yes, we are back in Texas (Houston) and yes, we did drive home in one day. (4am to 10:30pm minus an hour for time change equals 17 hours) We took three days getting up there (Houston to Dallas to Dumas to Colorado Springs) but one day getting back. So I guess we know that if we ever have an extended weekend we could head up to Colorado Springs one day, enjoy a day there and drive home the next... or not.

We made it to church yesterday and got to enjoy the company of some friends we haven't seen in a few months. We also unpacked everything we had with us and are working on getting settled back into our apartment. (We're pretty low on food here so the plan was to go shopping sometime soon...)

I have scans next week on Tuesday and see the doctor on Wednesday. This weeks plans involve not doing much of anything. Well, that's not really true. I guess my bent is more towards the creative this week as opposed to problem solving and numbers. We'll see what happens as I work to get past the burn out I seem to have pushed myself into the last two months of working.

Thanks again for the continued support. Please keep the upcoming scans in your prayers, I really have no idea what being off of chemo for four months is going to do to thing whole thing. Also, my folks leave for Colorado this week as well.

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