Wednesday, October 17

Christmas Cards! (Free stuff)

Hey folks, it is that time of year where we start thinking about wrapping up the year and part of that for us this year is that we (Lisa and I) have decided to do a Christmas card and a prayer reminder card for me. (Picture of us, with something like, "Please pray for us!" on the front) If you'd like one of these you can fill out a form I've created to get on our list for this year's Christmas card. Just head over here and fill it out! (People who have donated to us this last year don't need to fill it out.)

If you'd like a note from us please fill out the above linked form, and we'll send you our Christmas card, a little handwritten note, and a "remember to pray" card that you can stick on the fridge, in the car, in your cubicle, etc.

Thanks everyone for your continued support. I'll most likely leave this up for a few weeks, so if you want one please sign up soon so I know how many (roughly) to order. Thanks for your interest and continued support.

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