Thursday, November 29

Prayerful honesty

Thank you everyone who has taken the time to sit down and write me an email. I have been answering them all day long. Thank you for caring so much for Lisa and I. I mentioned on Facebook but if you are in the Houston area some friends of ours are hosting a prayer night for the two of us. (Because while I have to go through this physically, Lisa is bound to me and is going through a lot of this same stuff emotionally, and she's been strong for me when being strong has been very difficult.)

In the vein of being more open I am going to try and be more specific about prayer requests. Here goes some that come to mind:
  • Strength for Lisa and Ben, both emotionally and physically.
  • Wisdom on the doctor's parts to know when to try something, and when to tell us there is nothing more THEY can do.
  • Wisdom on our part to know if seeking an alternative therapy is a wise idea or not.
  • Scheduling for doctors. That things would come together, but also allow us time to be with my family this Christmas season.
  • Appetite for Ben, I have been feeling nauseated the past few days so nothing besides fruit and nuts really sounds good. (Bread and meat make me feel sick...)
  • Dream, I have mentioned them here before but combine changing drugs (I am off the hormone suppressants) and emotions and I get some really bad dreams.

Thank you for your prayers and support. If there is anything more tangible that we need I will make that need known here. At the moment we just need prayer, but I expect in the nearish future we might need some financial assistance because of different costs/ rising health costs/ costs not covered by insurance. You can always pre-empt that request by visiting the "help!" tab across the top of the page, but at this point we don't know what those costs are and how much they might be.

Thank you...

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