Monday, December 24

A rolling pounding

So lets see? Where did we leave off? Oh yeah, I was in the hospital for five days an then Lisa and I took three "short" days to drive to Colorado. It has felt a lot like abuse on my body pushing it that hard after the hospital. Got a migraine last night, and another one this afternoon. The biggest problem I am having at night these days is one of my medications (I think I have it narrowed down now.) Starts to make me twitch and fidget and feel like I need to run. I have taken a shower a few of the nights I have gotten this feeling and it only makes me a lot more tired, but my body feels the need to move.

I'll be avoiding the doseage before bedtime in the future.

Not too much to report. Health has my highly frustrated.

A news tidbits: Through very little interaction of my own, OC has a new website up and running. Great work by the communications team in league with 410 creative to make the dream come true! (Seriously, I have been trying to get OC a new site for the past 3.5 years!) Check it out!

I could really use some prayer this week. I have no strength of my own, and the elevation isn't helping either. I really don't want to be looking forward to getting back to Houston. I want to be here and enjoy my family, but I am going to need a LARGE extra helping of strength to make it happen.

This afternoon during my migraine I asked something of God. I asked that He would either heal me to continue to do the things I felt passionate about that, hopefully, are pursuing HIS kingdom on earth, or that he would quickly get me out of the picture so someone else can step up and do those things that I am doing. The ultimate end here is that I don't want to be a burden to the work that people need to be doing to further the kingdom of God. I have NO idea what that looks like for anyone, but I don't want to be a block to that.

Ok, now I am starting to feel tired. Thank you again for all you do. your prayers are going to get me through this week.

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