Thursday, December 20

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I wanted to share something you you all: With the way Facebook changes what you see on your feed, being a mystery, keeping up with what is going on with me can be hit or miss. If you want up-to-the second posts by me then the best way to get those, is to subscribe to my website via email. It comes in as an email from me, and it includes any pictures and all the text. It is very easy to manage, and when I write it, it sends it to your inbox. You don't need to remember my website ( you don't need to check your RSS feed (with all those other things you also need to read...) you can subscribe and have it show up in your inbox. With most mail programs you could even set it up to highlight anything from me so you know it's not work related and you can then read it, be in your mail program thus looking like you are doing something productive.

Ok, so this is tongue in cheek, I don't want you doing things at work you're not supposed to, and I know you are all readers, so making a big deal out of you reading my blog isn't really a big deal. I just wanted to highlight the option for you, again, so that if you felt like FB or Google+ wasn't delivering with the consistency that you would like then this is a solid solution for that.

Bonus deal, email folks are the only one who can hit "reply" and instantly type in anything that they want and I will get it and read it, and respond to it. Instant. Interaction. Almost as good as flying to Houston to hang out with me. (But not quite there...)

Thanks again for your interest in my life. You are all special to me! If we never meet in this life then perhaps we can spend part of an eternity together.

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