Tuesday, December 25

Peace be with you all...

 Merry Christmas everyone!
"May the God of Peace be with you all. Amen" -Romans 15:33

Hello Friends, Family, Prayer Partners, and Donors!
2012 has had its ups and its downs in some major ways. I am not sure I can think of a year with more highs and lows as this last one has provided for us. I know many of you read my blog (http://www.802heaven.com) and have been there for the shouts of victory and the cries of pain.  All the entries are still online to read again if you’re interested.

Some highlights: After a trip to Seattle in January, we also were able to visit San Diego for Lisa’s family reunion in the Spring. I got a three month break from chemo in the Summer so we stayed in Colorado Springs and Seattle for those months, feeling somewhat like Snowbirds. In between trips, Lisa has gotten more involved in the community and I have had three kinds of cancer treatments and met some other DSRCT patients. Recently, we got the news the tumors are growing and that the doctor is coming to the end of things he can try.  Some clinical trial drugs are the next step. (over)

We don’t have any clue what 2013 holds for Lisa and I. We have been blessed with employers who let us work remotely from Houston. We have been blessed with friends who love us amazingly. We have family that loves us tremendously. And we have so many people praying for us all over the world.

Thank you for your role in supporting us in whatever ways you can. Thank you. I can’t say it enough or convey to you how deeply I mean it. Please keep following the blog for updates and further news of how God is working!

~Ben and Lisa Morrell

P.S. One thing we do know is that my health costs are going up again next year. If you are interested in helping out please visit my website and click on the “help!” link (http://www.802heaven.com/p/help.html) to donate.


This is the Christmas card that we sent out this year. The picture on the front of the card came from lots of design work and planning... pretty much more than I wanted to put into it, but I felt like it turned out really well. Thanks for the support and love this past year from everyone. We hope your next year is filled with many blessings of God's grace and and mercy!


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